Hour China Masterclass

Real rock’n’roll hidden in Tang poetry and real punk in Kungfu? Can you imagine the traditional culture of our ancestors actually glitters with hipster stylish elements? In the documentary "Master Class", what amazing connection did a modern folk singer find between the contemporary rock spirit and the Tang Dynasty poetry from a Tang Dynasty poet who was adored by Bob Dylan as a spiritual mentor and praised by Jack Kerouac in one of his poems? How fashionable were the ancient people? What inspiration and enlightenment can pop culture find from traditional culture? In the form of "the ancient as the teacher + the new as the student", a pop culture artist and trendsetter and a "treasure" scholar with unique views on traditional culture together completed a journey that looked for the origin and pursued the new of the Chinese culture. Don’t miss #MasterClass on September 6th Sunday, 6.00PM on Discovery Channel. #HourChina