The Day I Ran China | Episode 4

8 November, 6PM
In their 4th week on the road, the now 8 apprentices have arrived in the picturesque Ming and Qing Dynasty villages of Zhejiang Province’s Songyang County. After a puzzling Interview Challenge, the apprentices and host Allan get some hands on experience renovating a Songyang mortise and tenon structure and learn how the Old House Restoration Program is bringing new life to the rural villages. Finally, after an all-out battle to see who made the most eye-catching pop-up shop, a surprise twist during elimination leaves everyone stunned. When facing a big challenge in a limited time, how will they construct a winning design? And will the “immunity curse” persist? Or will they discover a new reason for Dani and Lucien’s losing streaks? Don’t miss #TheDayIRanChinaSeason2 on November 8th Sunday 6:00PM on Discovery Channel. #HourChina