The Day I Ran China | Episode 1

The Day I Ran China #JourneyacrossChina will go live today! Ten international apprentices coming from China, Britain, Italy, Brazil, India, Mexico, Afghanistan and the Philippines gather in the small Azheke Village of Yuanyang County in Yunnan Province. What will be unfolded to them on this journey and what surprises will they bring us? In this program, the apprentices will have the chance to take a close look at how the village alleviates poverty with the innovative “Azheke Plan” by developing local tourism. So, how did the "Azheke Plan" turn this once barren small village into a tourist haven? What new "Kung Fu" will the apprentices learn in this village? Let’s see. Don’t miss #TheDayIRanChinaSeason2 on October 18th Sunday 6:00PM on Discovery Channel. #HourChina