The Day I Ran China | Episode 5

15 November, 6PM
In their 5th week exploring the far reaches of China, the now 7 apprentices have made their way north to Inner Mongolia’s Horqin Right Wing Middle Banner to saddle up for a horse-centric apprenticeship. After finding themselves trotting around the grasslands in the Interview Challenge, they discovered how local horse-experts have turned tradition into a modern racing industry. Despite being assigned their first individual challenge, alliances were formed and one more apprentice was forced to ride home into the sunset. Who will win this week’s horserace? How will they fair in their first individual challenge? Which apprentices’ creation won the praise of the Industry Master? And who will leave? Don’t miss #TheDayIRanChinaSeason2 on November 15th Sunday 6:00PM on Discovery Channel. #HourChina