The Day I Ran China | Episode 6

22 November, 6PM
In their 6th week on the road, the remaining 6 apprentices have followed their ears to “Guitar City”, in Guizhou’s Zheng’an County. The once underdeveloped county is now the largest manufacturer of guitars in the world. And as the apprentices will find out, they take their music very seriously. After a pitch-perfect Interview Challenge, the apprentices are teamed up with some local rock bands to see who has the stage presence to impress a group of wholesale guitar buyers. In the end, it’s a true battle of the bands that ends in the loss of a favorite apprentice. Who will put on a show and take their team to the winner’s stage, and who will be eliminated? What other adventures will Guizhou have to offer? Don’t miss #TheDayIRanChinaSeason2 on November 22nd Sunday 6:00PM on Discovery Channel. #HourChina