The Day I Ran China | Episode 7

29 November, 6PM
After 7 weeks on the road, the top 5 apprentices are starting to get a bit homesick. While they’re longing for their own country’s comfort food, they arrive in Guangxi’s breathtaking Liuzhou to get a taste of a local delicacy that has become the foundation for the city’s economy; Luosifen, or snail noodle soup. After a contentious race to harvest river snails, tensions build between the competitors. And the pressure is on chef Francesco to show off his skills in a snail noodle cook-off that climaxes in one of the most raw and emotional moments in The Day I Ran China history. Will the apprentices get a spark of innovation with their snail noodle-inspired specialities? International cuisine + uniquely flavoured snail noodles, what magical flavours will they come up with? And who will come out on top? Don’t miss #TheDayIRanChinaSeason2 on November 29th Sunday 6:00PM on Discovery Channel. #HourChina